Regional integration and rural development

Fotografía cedida por Alfredo Torrescalles. Todos los derechos reservados.


The renewal of the integration dynamics represents a goal established by the African Governments themselves, who have started by closing down the outdated Organization for African Union and replacing it by a rejuvenated institution: the African Union, which aims at promoting a new route, with clear goals and defined stages. Likewise, the European Union (EU) has started a new scheme of trade relations with Sub-Saharan Africa on the basis of the so-called EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements), which have the final goal of contributing to the development of the African countries and of the integration processes taking place in Africa.

On the other hand, the most recent international context and especially the high prices reached by food and raw materials, have exposed the precarious circumstances of many African countries and their exposure to the volatility of international markets. Given the current food crisis and its impact on the social and political stability of the different countries, agriculture, which was a “forgotten” economic sector over the last few years, has once again become a vitally important industry on a global scale.