Sub-Saharan Migrations


This line of research approaches the different forms of human mobility (economic migrations, refugees, human traffic, cultural or religious mobilities, freedom of movement within regional integration spaces, etc.) as well as its connections to the political dynamics and processes of the African continent.

The main objective of the line is the multidisciplinary analysis of human mobilities from and within Africa, taking into account their different dynamics and the form in which these phenomena are pretended to be managed from local, state and supranational instances (design and policy implementation) emphasizing a Human Rights analytical perspective. Our goals are:

  • To consolidate and enlarge the knowledge in human mobility and human rights from and within Africa, including tangential subjects (borders, refugees, migration, development, diaspora, migration policy, critical approaches in security, etc..) favoring reflexion and debate.
  • To contribute to the visibilization of the differents actors in the field of enquiry of migrations (policies and practices).
  • To promote research via scientific exchange with other universities and research centres within the field of migrations
  • To provide agents involved in the making of executive policies with tools that contribute to their knowledge, their daily practice and the implementation of public action in the field of migrations.
  • To explore and to analyze the processes of institutional strengthening or governance of migrations by means of representative case studies emphasizing the way in which migrations are approached within the Human Rights perspective.