Introduction to the African Reality Course

Foto cedida por Pablo Gutiérrez Barbadillo, derechos reservados.

The Introduction to the African Reality Course’ objective is to familiarize the interested public with the history and the actuality of sub-Saharan Africa. African reality appears more and more frequently in our social and economic horizon, through the media, migration movements or Spanish foreign policy, including development aid.  African Studies are the best guarantee to have access to a realistic knowledge about an extremely complex continent, with very diverse economic, political, social and cultural tendencies.

The Introduction to the African Reality Course offers a multidisciplinary formation, structured in six modules (history, politics, international relations, economy, anthropology, and culture and society) in order to understand not only what is happening in the continent but its relations to the rest of the world and the manner it inserts in the international system. The course gathers renowned Spanish specialists and researchers on Africa, and it is aimed at a broad public willing to know more about the African continent, and to those professionals desiring to get a better understanding about the historical dynamics and the international context that characterize the continent.

Since 2002, La Casa Encendida has contributed to the realization of this course with its economic support and hosting the sessions.