GEA’s professors and researchers started working in common in 1998 on a research line focused on the postcolonial state and the Euro-African relations from a multidisciplinary point of view, combining different areas: international relations, political science, anthropology, sociology, economy, international law. A first product of this research effort was the book published in 2000, África en el sistema internacional. Cinco siglos de frontera.

Since then, several research lines have flourished, bringing in common the work of GEA’s members and other researchers. They have received different funds, among others from the Spanish Ministry of Education for a research project during 2002-2005 on democratization processes in Africa (“Procesos Democratizadores en África. Modelos institucionales, prácticas políticas e idearios contemporáneos. La incidencia europea”), directed by Ferrán Iniesta Vernet, professor of the University of Barcelona. In 2007-2008, the Grupo de Estudios Africanos benefited from a research convention with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation that contributed to the consolidation of the research lines. After those projects, we have continued to consolidate our research with public and private funds.

In 2008, GEA started being a member of AEGIS (Africa-Europe for Interdisciplinary Studies). We participate in the organization of the Iberian Congresses of African Studies and in the publication of the journal Studia Africana.