Women struggle for land access in Uganda


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There are many societies in the world, where the right to land depends on the social status of a person. Land rights are especially crucial when it comes to rural areas as they decide the entire families chances of survival. Land tenure also has a direct impact on key issues such as education and health, just to mention two of the main factors. It empowers people and has immediate consequences associated with their basic living standards. […]

JUANENA, Coro J-A; DEBSKA, Emilia, «Women  Struggle  for  Land  Access  in  Uganda.  Is  Returning  to  the Customary  Law  in  Uganda  the  Best  Solution?  Land  Act  of 1998:  Its Consequences  and  Application» en MACHALÍK, Tomáš y MILDNEROVÁ, Kateřina (eds.), «Tradition vs Modernity in Contemporary Africa: Proceedings of the VIIIth International Conference on African Studies», Czech  Association  for  African  Studies, Praga, 2014.