Peace or Stability? A Critical Appraisal of External Interventions in South Sudan


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Editorial / Institución editora: Journal of Peacebuilding & Development,   .


In mid-December 2013 fighting broke out in the ranks of the Presidential Guard in Juba, South Sudan. Although such armed confrontations within the military of the youngest state in Africa are hardly new, this time the outburst of violence led to an immediate escalation. The fighting, which has featured a political crisis within the state’s highest leadership, has since devel- oped into the most severe humanitarian crisis after South Sudan’s independence in July 2011. By September 2014, over 1,700,000 South Sudanese had fled their homes, of which about 451,000 sought refuge in neighbouring countries (UN OCHA, 2014).

Keywords: South Sudan, peacebuilding, external intervention, UNMISS, Uganda