De la Flor, José Luis


Research Area: International development aid

Research Interests: global health · healt security · HIV/AIDS · international development aid


José Luis de la Flor is bachelor in Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid. PhD candidate, his doctoral thesis deals with global health security with a specific focus on HIV / AIDS politics. He has been visiting researcher at the Centre for Global Health Policy at the University of Sussex and at the Department of Modern History at the University of Sydney, and he has condcuted fieldwork in Ethiopia analysing Spanish health cooperation.

He has published articles in the journal Relaciones Internacionales of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Nova Africa journal of the Centre of African Studies in Barcelona and Contra Relatos desde el Sur journal of the University of Córdoba (Argentina). José Luis de la Flor has been speaker in various forums and meetings about international health cooperation. He develops his research in the frameworks of International Relations, Critical Security Studies, Biopolitical Studies and African Studies.

Research interests: global health security policies, the theoretical evolution of Global Health Security Studies and the history of the international health policies for Sub-saharan Africa