Immigration and Prejudice. Youth Perspectives through the Media Diet


Genre de publication: Chapitre de livre

Éditeur / Institution: Bellaterra / InCom - UAB,   .


This chapter aims to analyse the new perception of the immigration process in Spanish society through the lens of young people, including second generation immigrants. This has beenundertaken through an analysis of the media diet and uses of ICTs in the everyday lives of a sampleof Spanish youth. In the last two decades, Spanish society has experienced a huge transformation due to immigration. This new social landscape requires new approaches to ascertain how youths see thistransformation under the influence of the information and ideas about immigration that bothtraditional and new media convey. The text begins with a theoretical analysis of the main perspectives on prejudice and xenophobia towards otherness, together with an assessment of the way in which immigration is treated by Spanish traditional media. This introduction is completed with thepresentation of the results from an exploratory survey applied to a sample of university students, as well as an initial exploration of virtual communities on immigration on Facebook. Finally, the results show an increase in the negative perception of immigration and thus allowed us to confirm the main hypothesis on latent or subtle prejudice.

SENDÍN GUTIÉRREZ, José Carlos, « Immigration and Prejudice. Youth Perspectives through the Media Diet » en COGO, Denise; MOHAMMED El Hajji y HUERTAS, Amparo (eds.) Diásporas, migraciones, tecnologías de la comunicación e identidades transnacionales, Bellaterra e InCom UAB, Barcelona, 2012, ps. 319-332.